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Your passion is your magic power.


And by channeling that passion into a business, you allow your soul to offer its highest contribution to the world... and support the dream lifestyle you crave.

It should be thrilling! After all, it’s a spiritual journey that actualizes your magical creative spirit—spinning your heart’s work into practice. 

If only passion was enough to fly you over fear.

On the path to becoming a force for good as a business owner, you can still contend with big inner obstacles:

  • The slow creep of imposter syndrome
  • Procrastinating instead of doing
  • Shying away from a new opportunity
  • Sliding into stuck and mistaking it for safe
  • Sabotaging your own success

Growing a business and providing a 1:1 service usually comes with a slow burning curse—eating away at your motivation and the ethereal creative energy you used to ignite this venture.

But like these thought-trolls, the map to soul-driven business growth resides within you.

What if you had a mystical mirror that could show how?


The Forbes-backed Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment (ELI) can do just that. Minus the “mirror, mirror . . .” incantation. 

The ELI’s reflective results reveal the current thoughts and perceptions that influence your energy and, ultimately, how you show up to your entrepreneurial practice.

By understanding your energy, you can transform it into a positive force that'll propel you forward on your business journey.

Radically shift your energy and start showing up as your highest self.


Hi! I'm Jess.


As an ELI Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and iPEC certified coach (CPC), I work with creatives, healers, coaches, lightworkers, and all conscious sisters to discover their energy and identify the inner obstacles blocking their path forward. 

I’ve been there—striving to build a business that makes meaning out of the beautiful maddening passion inside you.

After all, you were meant to do this work—in your heart, you know that—but comparison, overwhelm, and fear can lock you in a cage of self-doubt.

Instead of wasting days, weeks, months, and years, struggling to break out of fear, let’s shift your energy, and discover the enchanting trail that can lead you out of doubt and towards success.

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Get moving and cast your service spells.

Ignite your journey with:

Energy Alchemy


Discover how you’re showing up in the world, discard unhelpful elements, and chart a productive path forward.

Using the Forbes-backed Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment, we’ll transform the thoughts feeding your blocks into positive business growth.

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Stop scrambling. Start enchanting.


Instead of wasting more time scouring the internet for a quick confidence-boosting fix, it’s time to kindle the energy inside you and make it a motivating force behind your business and 1:1 service growth.

Your energy transformation can:

  • Root out the disempowering lens holding you back
  • Enable you to choose positive growth over fear
  • Focus on business progress instead of stagnation
  • Enjoy your own journey instead of comparing yourself to others
  • Let your luminous soul-gifts ignite the world

Have you encountered the Seven Deadly Curses of business growth?

Are one of these nasty blocks holding your biz-dreams back? Discover the common curses entrepreneurs face on their journey and simple steps to move you forward.

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Words, charms, and spells.

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